Adding JARs to OSGi bundles, with maven.

I’ve been developing a middleware system for smart houses (or at least to enable easier sensor node communication) that I chose to make OSGi based. Now, OSGi is nice and … Continue Reading →

First attempt at creating a Yii extension: Yiibootflat

I Recently tried to integrate the nice widgets from Bootflat (Bootstrap 3, but in flat!)  and thought I should give a try at creating my first Yii extension. After a few … Continue Reading →

How does one keep the motivation?

How can we, working as freelancers or in the tradicional arrangement, keep the will to get out of bed and jump to work? Lately I’ve found myself lacking any energy … Continue Reading →

Back to school…

… and its not going that bad. Somehow, still not sure why, I decided to get back to the school. After some changes in my professional life I found myself … Continue Reading →

Fix Eclipse IDE & PyCharm not loading on OSX Mavericks

After a, somewhat, uneventful move from OSX Mountain Lion to Mavericks I hit an issue with Java based applications that would either refuse to start or ask me to install … Continue Reading →

Moving away from and their malware/adware/spyware offers

I’ve been a registered user since 2007, before that was a “website” I knew I could use to find great free software. From the “website” I learned a … Continue Reading →

UITableView ignoring reloadData message?

Just a small note to myself :), and anyone that happens to stumble on this looking for the answer… UITableView is use a lot in iOS applications, it is one … Continue Reading →

Another adventure comes to an end…

Seems my life is made of small adventures and frequent changes, like nice iterations on software development :D. Since the news is already public I don’t see any harm in … Continue Reading →

Native vs HTML5, does it really matter? Just a rant….

I hear/read a lot of things about native apps and HTML5 based apps. That native is best, that HTML5 is slow, that HTML5 is faster to develop but provides substandard … Continue Reading →

Moved, again.

I’m writing this on a somewhat confortable chair, sipping my ice cold coke and a bit annoyed with my 4G connection that keeps shutting down… all this in my first … Continue Reading →