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UITableView ignoring reloadData message? Aug 4, 2013

Just a small note to myself :), and anyone that happens to stumble on this looking for the answer…

UITableView is use a lot in iOS applications, it is one very useful component even if the defaults offer, what at first glance looks like, a very limited list of items. Usually you have your own delegate and dataSource to fill in the table, and periodically call the reloadData method, at least, if your data comes from some WebServer, API or any external source.

If this is you and you’re having issues with your table not updating as soon as the data updates and you call reloadData, if you’ve confirmed that the table is not nil at the time you’re calling the reload method, are you calling the reload as part of a different thread? Maybe inside some Grand Central Dispatch call? If so, check that you’re calling the reloadData method inside the main thread, if you’re not that is the reason why your table is ignoring you reload calls.

Now, I know this is something basic, but I’ve just spend the good part of an hour tracking this stupid mistake :)

So, to summarize, the symptoms are: UITableView that does not update by code, but does so if you scroll the table, neither the table pointer (IBOutlet) nor the data structure you’re using to fill the table is nil.

The most likely cause is that you’re updating the table on a thread that is not the main thread, all UI calls need to be done inside the main thread or the UI won’t updated.

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Another adventure comes to an end... Jun 23, 2013

Seems my life is made of small adventures and frequent changes, like nice iterations on software development :D.

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Native vs HTML5, does it really matter? Just a rant.... May 29, 2013

I hear/read a lot of things about native apps and HTML5 based apps. That native is best, that HTML5 is slow, that HTML5 is faster to develop but provides substandard apps, it always ends up reduced to the argument that native is better because… it is native!

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Moved, again Apr 7, 2013

I’m writing this on a somewhat confortable chair, sipping my ice cold coke and a bit annoyed with my 4G connection that keeps shutting down… all this in my first day of nothing to do in my new house. I say first day because the last 3 weeks have been a mess of running around moving my meager possessions from the apartment I was sharing to the new apartment we’re I’ll live for, if things don’t change, the next two years.

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I am NOT a python programmer! Jan 11, 2013

That I am not!

I’me used to use whatever tool I need for the various projects I have to work on, it doesn’t matter if I like it or not, I use what I need. I’ve used programming languages I don’t like, languages I feel are easy, languages that are just strange, etc., so I’m not one to just give up easily when I have some trouble working with any new technology or programming language but Python may be that one language I can’t use.

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The end of a cycle Dec 30, 2012

It was a fun run!

In the end of 2009, when my internship ended I rejected the invite to continue working in that company. I was tired,  grumpy and wanted something different, no more having to worry about a project I did not like and did not want my name in. My vacations at the time made me want to develop something mine something I could see start and grow, unfortunately I still had bad dreams about what I had been developing previously so I decided that I needed to exorcise that demon and created a competing product, one I could feel would really work as it was intended.

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Sistemas Operativos, Operador de Informática N2 Dec 29, 2012

Módulo de Introdução, instalação, configuração e manutenção de sistemas operativos, parte do curso de Operador de Informática.

Para a formação foi usado o sistema de máquinas virtuais VirtualBox e um conjunto variado de sistemas operativos, desde o FreeDOS, algumas distribuições GNU Linux e o Windows Seven.

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Projectos Académicos Dec 29, 2012

Desenvolvidos ao longo do curso de Engenharia Informática, curso que frequentei e terminei em 2008. Estes projectos foram entregues nas várias avaliações em cadeiras práticas, quer na área de programação, quer noutras áreas como a de electrónica. Os ficheiros são disponibilizados para que possam ser úteis mas contêm muitos erros e falhas que nunca foram corrigidas já que não é essa a minha intenção.

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