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LaunchAnywhere/Java causing Windows Error 221 Mar 2015

A short tip for anyone trying to install old Java based applications that use the LaunchAnywhere installer. At a command line, run the installer with the following parameter:

LAX_VM = <full path to Java executable, preferably javaw.exe>

At work I have to keep installing old finance related applications that are developed in Java… or that are no longer developed and maintained but even if they are key to every company operating in my country, still don’t have a replacement; yeah!, the kind of software often featured here.

This particular piece of software was released with an installer, to make things easy, but with an old version that doesn’t support the various Java upgrades making it fail, silently if you don’t run the installer using Windows command line (does anyone?).

The problem is that the installer fails to find the recent versions of Java, starting with Java 8, even if all other Java based applications work fine.