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Moved, again07 Apr 2013

I’m writing this on a somewhat confortable chair, sipping my ice cold coke and a bit annoyed with my 4G connection that keeps shutting down… all this in my first day of nothing to do in my new house. I say first day because the last 3 weeks have been a mess of running around moving my meager possessions from the apartment I was sharing to the new apartment we’re I’ll live for, if things don’t change, the next two years.

I hate moving to another house but I do like my new apartment better than I did the other one, there is less noise, the building is newer, the neighbors seem nicer and I have it for myself and my girlfriend, but I still hate to move stuff. I don’t know how I happen to accumulate so many things :D

I didn’t want to move this soon, in fact I was hoping to stay at the other apartment after my friend moved out, the situation was always temporary but I was thinking of keeping the apartment for myself and my girlfriend once she moved in, but it seems the landlord doesn’t really want to keep us there, at least that’s what I think after waiting 3 months for a new washing machine to replace the one that broke the first time we turn it on (seems washing machines don’t like to be turned off for long periods of time) and waiting the same 3 months to have the exhaust system fixed so I wouldn’t die due to carbon monoxide poisoning (he “fixed” it the very last day!). The thing that really annoyed me was the all attitude regarding the exhaust problem, instead of really fixing the issue he ended up trying (and succeeding)  to fool the gas company inspector so that the system was approved. Can’t say my first rented apartment was a good experience, lets hope this one is better :)

So now I moved again, delayed several of my projects, again, had to work till late hours to properly compensate Appsalad for not being in the office all the time, had to sleep less than I would have liked to and am so tired that I can’t feel most of my muscles…

Oh and I almost forgot, thank you to the nice people from BM-Imobiliária for once again helping me find a place to live. If you need a house in Castelo Branco, talk to them.