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Another adventure comes to an end...23 Jun 2013

Seems my life is made of small adventures and frequent changes, like nice iterations on software development :D.

Since the news is already public I don’t see any harm in talking about it here (not that I expect many users to read this :) ), so, last week I got a letter from the company I work at (Appsalad LDA) with some bad news for me and all the other employees: Appsalad LDA is filing for bankruptcy and closing the Castelo Branco’s offices by the end of the current month (June/2013).

I’ve started working with Appsalad in August last year with a 2 month freelance job, in October I joined the list of Appsalad’s employees and have been happily since developing mobile applications, now after a 9 months I’m again unemployed working as a freelancer.

I’ll most likely return to Leira where I moved from last October, I like Castelo Branco but I don’t think I can afford it here and I might need to find a job besides the freelance development I do (or am hopping to do). Not that this is an expensive city, far from it, but in Leiria I don’t have to pay rent, general commodities are shared (water, gas, electricity), have easier access to my parent’s house (and all the stuff they produce in the farm :) ) and it also offers movies and sushi! Yep, there is no movies in a 100Km radius from Castelo Branco and the closest sushi place is 174km away… as far as work goes, Castelo Branco lacks any! You either work for the local polytechnic or the very few and very small development companies that reside in the city (I actually know of only 2 and I’m employed in one of them, at least for one more week). So, even though I though I wouldn’t return to Leiria again, it is very likely that I’ll be roaming its streets in a couple of months from now.

As far a work goes, I still have some doubts about what I’ll do, there is probably some freelance work I can take, there are some small projects I was asked to accept but those won’t allow me to pay rent :), I might bring forth my own projects and there are a few I would like to make a reality, though without any financial backing they’ll probably continue to be only ideas… maybe I’ll finish one of the games I’ve started and stopped several times now, well, I don’t really know what I’ll do so I guess that will be my next adventure.