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Another round of updates29 Dec 2012

And here we go with another change to the blog.

I’ve been trying to update my old site to something I liked, changing from static pages to wiki systems, blogs and CMS, even developing my own CMS that will be put on hold indefinitely for now as I have no use for it (or rather can’t really give it the use I wanted), all in all, I’ve changed and wrote more on this website and blog than I wanted to.  Still, I wanted the site to be finished and operational so I could really use the blog and the website as I intended.

So, I’ve moved to a complete Wordpress based system, removing any other companion system, simplified the existing plugins to the minimum and removal of any static page I used before. With all the tech changes I also restarted writing my posts in English, the old posts will continue to exist as they were but any new post I write will be made in English, as that is the language I need to use on a daily basis (or should :) ).

Lets see if I can really increase the post frequency and not let the blog die.